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Jutelaune is inspired by the island of Menorca, a small paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Jutelaune works with local artisans on the island of Menorca to produce traditional Mediterranean sandals. Jutelaune is committed to maintaining the original techniques of shoe making on the island, and use high quality materials for a lasting sandal.  Jutelaune aims to spread the magic of Menorca by brining you a taste of the island with their shoes. Avarcas (also known as abarcas or menorquinas) are the most traditional footwear in Menorca and are handcrafted by generations of local artisans. Espadrilles have their origin further north in the Pyrenees, however they are locally produced in Menorca today.  

They produce a simple, stylish and, above all, ethical shoe. 


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