Malta Chocolate Factory

Malta Chocolate Factory is the only chocolate manufacturer in Malta with a viewing window so you can watch our chocolatiers working in the artisanal process of tempering, moulding and shaping chocolates.
We manufacture over 100 products in our artisan kitchen and hold regular chocolate experiences like chocolate making classes, Cocktails and Chocolate masterclasses & our famous Wine and Chocolate Pairing workshops. Spread over three floors, we offer a fully COVID Compliant space for public or private experiences.
We run kid's birthday parties which feature chocolate at the heart of the amazingly fun and unique experience.
Our café serves a range of hot and cold chocolate drinks (as well as tea and coffee) with scrumptious pastries and cakes and delicious chocolate fountain treats. Our lunchtime savoury treats are tasty and healthy.
Entry to Malta Chocolate Factory is free. Come along and pend some time viewing and indulging in a fully air-conditioned environment.

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Easter Egg LARGE 'Go Nutty'
Chili Special Dark Chocolate Medium Egg
250g Dark Crunchy Nougat
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Junior Chocolatier Kit - Family Size (4 PERSON)
Junior Chocolatier Kit - 2 x Children
Easter Egg MEDIUM
Easter Egg MEDIUM Cookies 'n' Cream
Honey Nougat Crunch
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Milk Peanut Brittle
White Chocolate Bar
Milk  Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
Chocbomb - Milk Chocolate
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Milk Chocolate Bar
Box of Mini Dino Eggs - Mix
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Box of Hearts VEGAN
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Box of Mini Dino Eggs VEGAN
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Dark Salted Peanut & Coconut Bites (no sugar)
Dark Peanut Chocolate Bar
Dark Orange Chocolate Bar
Box of Hearts
Box of Hearts
Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chilli Chocolate Bar
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Milk Salted Caramel Chocolate Bag
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Chocbomb - Dark Chocolate
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