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Jutelaune wants it vegan but also sustainable is their philosophy. The Ivory Court Vegan Sneakers are produced in Spain with Bio Based Carbon from Italy and recycled plastic bottles from Spain.


Upper material: Organic carbon from natural (plants or animals biomass) sources. The carbon used in these sandals contains 44% bio based carbon and the rest from coal and fossil sources.

Inner lining: Vegan Leather made of 50% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester and 50% DMF Free PU. GRS Certified

Inner Sole: Vegan Leather made of 50% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester and 50% DMF Free PU. GRS Certified

Outer Sole: Rubber

Laces: 100% Cotton

Packaging: 100% recycled and recyclable boxes


Small fit. If you are between sizes choose one size up.

Jutelaune wants its first sneakers vegan collection to be the most sustainable and respectful with the environment.

· Proximity: Sneakers are handcrafted in Elche, Spain. So we have been looking for a synthetic leather supplier that is also located in Spain.  

· Recycled: PET recycling comes mainly from PET plastic bottles that are collected from containers distributed throughout the national territory in Spain. Once this plastic is collected, it is selected and crushed, leading to the manufacture of the thread to later obtain the recycled fabric. Using recycled PET products we RE-consume and reduce the aggressions to the environment. 

· DMF Free: Traditional PU polymerization involves solvents like DMF, dimethylformamide. Organic solvents emitted during traditional PU processing would eventually become greenhouse gases. The materials used in our products are free from this solvent. 

· Transparency: Supplier is certified by INESCOP as vegan material manufacturer. All the synthetic leather materials used in the sneakers are also certified as recycled material by Global Recycled Standard and Recoveer (100% Upcycled)