Made in Portugal.
Fabrics are made in Portugal.

Our aim is to Protect Your LifeStyle.

Maskk makes personal protection masks less clinical and more exciting by offering creative designs for health certified masks to fit your daily routines.

We believe that by protecting ourselves we are taking care of others. This is what makes our product so cool. Afterall, life is a give and take. Now, more than ever, this way of life makes sense.

  • 100% cotton + Polypropylene 50g/m2 filtration layer
  • Nose bridge – Metal straw with plastic coating 0.55mm
  • Allows for 4 hours of uninterrupted use without degradation of BFE nor breathability.

Store your Maskk in a dry environment. Keep it safe from potential contamination (before and after washing).

Do not use in case your Maskk presents any damage or defect. Replace with another mask.

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