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Welcome To Our Sustainable Boutique, Home to Activewear & Lifestyle brands
Shop our collection of products made from recycled plastic!

This July, make conscious lifestyle choices

Choose sustainable swimwear this summer

LATITID Swimwear

For those who are not defined by age but attitude!

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For those chasing an endless summer

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Introducing Shakti


Lying down on Shakti spikes activates hundreds of acupoints to promote circulation, release tension, and naturally restore the energy that flows within you. It’s a sensation to start, but after 5-10 minutes the tingle turns into a soft warmth that brings a meditative state with it.

Skin-to-spike contact lets the spikes work their best, and focusing on your breath will help you sink to relaxation sooner.Yoga can be incorporated into your practice with poses like bridge, pigeon, cobra, and sphinx encouraging a deeper, targeted release.

A little bit about us

Coach & I Lifestyle

The story of a brother and sister who wanted to do something different. Coach & I Lifestyle was born from the desire to help people feel comfortable in their own skin and make conscious lifestyle choices.

Both lovers of the outdoors, the sea and keeping active, we wanted to open a boutique that aspires to become the ‘go-to’ for beautiful, sustainable and ethical products that support an active lifestyle and promote well-being.