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allSisters is a Barcelona-based, eco-friendly swimwear brand that uses the highest quality of recycled fabrics to create its high-end swimsuits, taking into account the needs of the modern woman who loves fashion and sports.

allSisters was born out of deep admiration for the ocean and water sports culture, paying tribute to the transformative power of nature and the special bond that exists between all women and mother earth. This emotional connection with our planet serves also as an inspiration for innovative design and original pattern-cutting.

At the same time, the brand is a practical response to the necessities of the modern, eco-conscious woman who holds an active life and demands multifunctional swimsuits than can make her feel at ease with her body, and at the same time beautiful and sexy.

allSisters believes that we are all interconnected, forming part of a big whole, and that we should work together to protect our planet. In this sense, they consider that fashion should be responsible and go hand-by-hand with sustainability.

Their philosophy is to create comfortable and fashionable swimsuits that respect the female body as well as the environment and its natural resources —elegant and timeless pieces you can rely on.


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