MADUMA is a local clothing brand specialising in sustainable 100% organic cotton t-shirts inspired by Maltese floor tiles to keep local trades alive. They also added beautifully designed stationery products to the line.

MADUMA® is an organic fashion brand from the small Mediterranean island of Malta. They specialise in sustainable clothing inspired by traditional Maltese floor tiles. These products are a celebration of heritage. 
The quality of products has to match the high-quality of  designs, therefore, all t-shirts are 100% organic cotton. 
Besides the environmental benefits of organic cotton, its luxurious feel and comfort captivate you.
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Celesti A5 Ruled Journal
Lellux A4 Ruled Journal
Gold Shopping List
Ħadrani Shopping List
Gold To Do List
Gold To Do List
Ħadrani To Do List
Ħadrani Weekly Planner
Ħadrani Spiral Ruled Journal A5
A5 Spiral Journal - Lellux	 A5
Roża Spiral Ruled Journal A5
Ikħal Spiral Ruled Journal A5
Ċelesti Spiral Ruled Journal A5
Gold Spiral Ruled Journal A5
Roza A5 Ruled Journal
Lellux A5 Ruled Journal
Ikhal A4 Ruled Journal
Roza A4 Ruled Journal
Celesti A4 Ruled Journal
Roza Car Recipe Book
Red Gift Christmas Card
Red Bauble Christmas Card
Gold Tree Christmas Card
Gold Gift Christmas Card
Gold Deer Christmas Card
Ikħal Shopping List
Roza Car Shopping List
Celesti Shopping List
Ikħal To Do List
Roza Car To Do List
Celesti To Do List
Lellux Weekly Planner
Roza Car Weekly Planner
Celesti Weekly Planner
Lellux Pattern T-Shirt
Ikħal Pattern T-Shirt Unisex
Celesti Pattern T-Shirt
39 results
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