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Folding spoon Ellipse - Nordic sage


A stylish, folding spoon that fits easily into the top compartment of your lunch pot. Just want to use the spoon on its own? It comes with its own handy case.

Attention lunch pot lovers! Would you like to be able to take a warming soup to work or enjoy your yoghurt and fruit on the train? Then we're sure you'll love this handy solution: the Ellipse folding spoon in Nordic sage can be folded in half and stored away in the top compartment of your lunch pot! Now you can keep your spoon and lunch pot together, and you'll never have to dig out that sticky spoon from the bottom of your bag again! It comes with a handy case, so you can also store your spoon separately. It folds out with a simple click. Just click and tuck in! Once you're back home, you can put everything in the dishwasher, so it's ready to go for your next meal. Bonus feature: the spoon comes in the same colour as your favourite lunch pot.
    Material Polypropyleen (PP), Stainless steel
    Length 145 mm / 5.7"
    Width 74 mm / 2.9"
    Height 29 mm / 1.1"
    Weight 80 gr / 2.8 oz

    Dishwasher safe
    Suitable for dishwasher
    Not microwave safe
    Not suitable for microwave
    Suitable for contact with food
    Suitable for contact with food