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Mdina Aromatherapy Candle 200ml


Stephen Cordina after years of research has been searching for the plants and extracts which herbs and oils they used to fumigate during the good days and bad times in Mdina during the plague. Capturing the scent adding together to the building and interiors with main Notes of various Citrus accords, Pine and woody accords like Oak and many other undertones scents. A very Nobile scent. 

Burn time is approximately 60 hours in normal conditions.

Ingredients: Glycine Soya | Aroma.

This Aroma&Therapy candle is crafted from such a pure cosmetic grade of natural soya wax that it may also be enjoyed as a soothing, moisturized balm | Simply dip your fingers into the warm wax or pour it directly onto your skin from a safe distance |

You and your home will be embraced by many hours of exquisite fragrance