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100% Pure Konjac Doggy and Pet Sponge


Product details

The Konjac Sponge Company has discovered that their ‘people’ sponges are also very effective for pets. Naturally healthy and chemical-free, the Konjac Doggy and Pet Sponge can help gently cleanse your pet’s face, even around the sensitive eye area where stubborn tear stains develop. Ideal for all grooming and show kits, as well as everyday use. 

Pure Konjac fibre is extremely soft and has only been mixed with spring water, so you can be sure there will be no damage or irritation. 

Don't forget your field pets too? Highly recommended for horses and ponies.

Konjac (or Konnyaku) has been used in Korea for over 1,500 years as a medicine, food, a dieting aid and in beauty products. The Konjac Sponge Company’s pure Konjac is free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants.

  • 100% natural, chemical-free and colouring-free
  • Ergonomically teardrop shaped to reach into delicate eye areas
  • Great for dogs, horses, cats and furry pets
  • Continual use helps prevent and treat tear stains
  • Silky soft when wet
  • Pure Konjac fibre causes no damage/ irritation
  • 100% Pure Konjac