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Easter Egg LARGE 'Go Nutty'
Chili Special Dark Chocolate Medium Egg
250g Dark Crunchy Nougat
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Junior Chocolatier Kit - Family Size (4 PERSON)
Junior Chocolatier Kit - 2 x Children
Easter Egg MEDIUM
Easter Egg MEDIUM Cookies 'n' Cream
Honey Nougat Crunch
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Milk Peanut Brittle
White Chocolate Bar
Milk  Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
Chocbomb - Milk Chocolate
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Milk Chocolate Bar
Box of Mini Dino Eggs - Mix
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Box of Hearts VEGAN
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Box of Mini Dino Eggs VEGAN
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Dark Salted Peanut & Coconut Bites (no sugar)
Dark Peanut Chocolate Bar
Dark Orange Chocolate Bar
Box of Hearts
Box of Hearts
Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chilli Chocolate Bar
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Milk Salted Caramel Chocolate Bag
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Chocbomb - Dark Chocolate
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Hand scooped chocolate - Whisky - Zotter
Chocolate labooko - Sao Tome
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