The year is 2017. Personal trainer Regine Finjord Johnsen and cyclist Bjørn Anders Johnsen are sitting in a student dormitory. They have invested in three boxes with leggings and a common dream. A dream about sportswear made for real life. You know, the life that consists of blood, sweat and tears. The imperfect with ups and downs, a taste of blood in your mouth and busy weekdays. Sportswear for active women that fits different body types, works and stays in place time after time.
It started with a dream. Now, several years later, Arctic-inspired sportswear is sold – not only to Norway – but all over the world! The dream came true. Became what BARA Sportswear is today.
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Shimmer Tights - Black
Shimmer Bra - Black
Shape Tights - Black
Lux Tights - Black
Loose Fit Jogger - Black
Icon  Bra - Black
Icon Bra - Black
Eco Tank  Top - Black
7/8 Tights - Black
80 results
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