Sunglasses - VENTUS – WALNUT - TFW

€77,97 €129,95

• Wood: Walnut

• Consisting of seven layers of wood

• Dark titanium colored arms

• Polarized Neutral Grey lenses with UV-400 protection

About Selected Collection

We find our inspiration in nature, because it is constantly changing and complex. Everything leads back to the four elements. These elements are all truly unique and complement each other. Only by combining these four elements, a tree can survive.

Water nurtures the tree, and needs the air to breath. The warmth of the sun gives the tree its power to grow and its roots find an anchor in the earth below.

The distinctiveness of the four elements is reflected in the selected collection. We designed a selection of 4 models that are different in their combination of wood sorts and material. But in the end these four ‘elements’ together form a solid collection in which creativity meets nature.

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