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Footpads - Stay Strong & Detox

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Product Details

Stay Strong & Detox pads are the energizers of the Stellame foot pad line. This variety contains 70% Tourmaline concentration. Tourmaline has a strong stimulating effect on the body’s energy flow and can neutralize toxins. It stimulates the body’s endogenic detox mechanism. With TCM, Tourmaline has been shown to have a restorative, invigorating effect. Additional ingredients such as Bamboo Vinegar and Agaricus Mushrooms have a cleansing effect and are believed to strengthen the immune system. Chitosan can absorb toxins and forms a membrane to protect the skin. Stay Strong and Detox pads help the body regenerate quickly.

  • Tourmaline content: 70%
All products also contain bamboo vinegar, agaric mushroom, Houttuynia cordata and chitosan. These have an additional positive effect on above processes

Available for 2 or 7 nights