Scented Candle BIARRITZ Côte des Basques (EQ LOVE)


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Côte des Basques, Biarritz reveals pleasant notes of hot chocolate spiced up by red hot pepper, black pepper and cinnamon for a yummy break between surf sessions.

EQ's collection of scented candles is dedicated to traveling, to the awakening of senses and wellbeing, based around the mystical surfing destinations which built the brand's story.

Close your eyes, breathe in, escape...

A yummy break between two surf sessions with a background of red pepper and hot chocolate, accented by a hint of black pepper and cinnamon. Bordered by cliffs, overlooking the Spanish coast and the mountains, the long beach of Côte des Basques is a surfers' paradise. Long rights break there, making longboarders happy.

The Côte des Basques Biarritz candle reveals a heart with sweet notes of hot chocolate spiced up by red pepper, black pepper and cinnamon. In the background, hints of vanilla and almond slightly escape for a yummy break. Orange zest and cardamom add a little freshness between surf sessions.


Base note Vanilla powder, Almond powder
Heart notes Red chili pepper, Gourmand
chocolate, Black pepper, Cinnamon
Head notes Orange zest, Cardamome

Recommendations for use

To get the most out of your EQ candle and make it last a long time, let your candle burn until the entire wax surface has melted in order to maintain a smooth, uniform surface. Maintain the wick by trimming it regularly to prevent the candle from releasing smoke. Carefully recentre the wick whilst the wax is still melted after each use to prevent the glass from turning dark. Avoid placing your candle in the path of air currents when it's burning so the scent doesn't escape, and place it ideally on a stand or base to protect the surface on which your candle is placed. Finally, when it is not burning, we recommend covering it to preserve your candle's scent and so it doesn't collect dust.

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