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Pure Hyaluronic- D-LAB

Deep rehydration

Plumps the skin

Fills the wrinkles

Rehydrates the skin

Maintains skin hydration

A high dose of hyaluronic acid, a very powerful magnet capable of attracting up to 1000 times its weight in water. Replenished and soaked in water, the cells fill in wrinkles and fine lines to reveal a deeply rehydrated skin and visibly less marked skin.

Naturally synthesized by the organism, hyaluronic acid is a major component of the skin that guarantees its bounced and smooth appearance. He has a strong hydrating power Thanks to its ability to attract and retain nearly a thousand times its weight in water.
Around 25 years, the body synthesizes less and the skin becomes dehydrated, reducing its elasticity and causing an increase in wrinkles and fine lines.

This formula has no side effects or contraindications. It is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
YES. It is even recommended to complement the action of creams, which act on the superficial layer of the skin, by nutritional supplements that reinforce and complement their actions from the inside. An oral hyaluronic acid intake allows an action at the DermIS level, the deep layer of the skin where it is synthesized.
It is recommended to take the collagen in the evening for an action at night, because the skin, then protected from external aggressions, can set up its regeneration mechanisms.
Our hyaluronic acid is derived from biofermentation: it is a natural and vegan asset.
It is possible to consume this formula continuously. We recommend that you follow the skin treatments at least 2 months in a row so that the results are perfectly visible and long-lasting. To prolong the cure 2 times 28 days, i.e. 2 cell cycles in a row, allows to trigger the "cellular memory": some of the benefits will continue after finishing the treatment.

For what and for whom?

- Deep hydration and wrinkle reduction. Dry and dehydrated skins.

Its actions:
-Plump skin
-Wrinkles and fine lines filled
-Deep rehydration of tissues

Major Ingredients

- Natural Hyaluronic Acidl

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