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Pure Collagen - D-LAB

Wrinkles & firmness

Reduces wrinkles

Firms skin

Smooths features

Stimulates collagen production

An innovative and patented collagen whose collagen and elastin proportions are identical to those of our dermis, making it perfectly assimilable. Acting in depth, it strengthens the skin's mesh, tightens the skin and restores its elasticity.

Naturally synthesised by the human body, collagen is the protein responsible for skin firmness and tissue cohesion. Around 25 years old, its production decreases and the first wrinkles and signs of ageing appear.

This formula has no side effects and is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is contraindicated for the shellfish allergic.

It is possible to consume this formula continuously. We recommend that you follow the skin treatments at least 2 months in a row so that the results are perfectly visible and long-lasting. To prolong the cure 2 times 28 days, i.e. 2 cell cycles in a row, allows to trigger the "cellular memory": some of the benefits will continue after finishing the treatment.

It is recommended to take the collagen in the evening for an action at night, because the skin, then protected from external aggressions, can set up its regeneration mechanisms.

It is a collagen of marine origin extracted from wild fish from the responsible and French fisheries certified MSC (the Marine Stewardship Council).

We recommend 3 tablets a day for a maintenance treatment and 4 tablets per day for an attack treatment.

For what and for whom?

 - Acts on the skin release by reinforcing the collagen fibers and accentuates the suppleness and elasticity of the skin with elastin.
 - Cure 2 months minimum.

Its actions:
-Firmness of the skin
-Cohesion and elasticity of fabrics
-Wrinkle Reduction

Major Ingredients

- Marine Collagen
- Elastin fiber

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