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This finely balanced Organic Tonic Water is the most puristic among tonics. With only two selected ingredients (apart from water, sugar, and carbon dioxide), it opens up a whole new world: 100 % organically farmed, aromatic Mediterranean lemon in perfect harmony with Bolivian cinchona bark hand-picked carefully in the wild. Because all of the bark is processed, our Organic Tonic Water acquires a naturally bitter taste with surprisingly complex notes of wood. The fine, champagne-like effervescence lends this tonic an extraordinary, slightly exotic jungle air. Our Organic Tonic Water contains no citric acid, and the production and bottling processes are climate-neutral.

Our Organic Tonic Water is 100% natural and free from citric acid. We have reduced the sugar, produced and bottled in a climate neutral way. We have placed special emphasis on the search and selection of the cinchona bark. And we found it in the jungle on the eastern slopes of the Altiplano. With the support of the local population, two agronomists who are familiar with the area made their way into the forests on foot to find suitable trees and harvest the bark gently by hand. A process that takes several weeks. But a work that sustainably supports the reconstruction and preservation of the primeval forest. 

Enjoy in classic form over ice or mixed with a good gin.  

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