Organic ginger beer


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Organic Ginger Beer, with a crisp and clean flavour and depth and a naturally balanced degree of spiciness. Our Organic Ginger Beer owes its intense, distinctive note to the use of ginger from the Peruvian Highlands, a particularly intense and delicate sort. The taste is rounded off with nothing more than lemon oil and juice from especially aromatic, fruity Mediterranean organic lemons. Lemon and ginger and the energising fizz of carbonation make our Organic Ginger Beer a genuine, natural stimulant.  

Because we process the ginger gently and directly in our own cold press, we can afford to go without chilli or pepper to add some extra spice. Our proprietary pressing process enables us to produce a “holy trinity” of ginger juice, ginger purée, and ginger root extract, allowing the secondary flavours of the ginger to fully unfold. That is how we are able to mix an intense-tasting ginger beer from just two natural ingredients – organic ginger and organic lemon – and even reduce the sugar content while we’re at it. Vegan and 100 % organic. Produced and bottled in a climate-neutral way.

Enjoy as a buck or pure over ice. 

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