Liver Detox - D-LAB

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Liver Detox - D-LAB

Pollution & heavy metals control

Regenerates and protects the liver

Restores vitality

Brightens the complexion

Fights against heavy metals

A purifying phytotherapy concentrate that stimulates the elimination of toxins, fights heavy metals and durably protects the liver, the body's filter organ. Quickly, the complexion is clearer and fatigue is reduced.

To decongest the body and in particular the liver and gallbladder, the Liver Detox activates two interdependent mechanisms: detoxifying and fighting against heavy metals.

This formula has no side effects and is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. This formula contains turmeric: consult your doctor if you take anticoagulants at the same time.

For what and for whom?

- Overall detoxification of the body, to eliminate heavy metals and toxins.
- To be done at least once a year.
- 2 month Cure at Minimum.

Its actions:
-Detoxification of the liver and gallbladder
-Protection of disposal bodies
-Heavy Metal chelation

Major Ingredients

- Marie Thistle
- Curucma
- Selenium

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