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GIN (42% / 50cl)


Our exceptional taste comes from different factors. First, we macerate high quality juniper berries and spices for a week. Second, we distill everything once in a small-batch alembic.

The juniper berries are sourced from a nature reserve in Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Agriculture is the chief source of income for the mainly rural population, but many farmers live below the poverty line.

Fairtrade spices, as the juniper berries, cardamom and coriander, are sourced in the Varganza village, in the region of Samarkand. The Dustkul Bogi cooperative has three main objectives: to increase production, develop the social environment and develop organic production.



Stir 5 ice cubes in a glass and drain the water that accumulates

Add 50ml of FAIR. Gin and top up with your favourite tonic

Twist a lemon peel to release lemon essence into the glass

Stir and garnish with the lemon peel