Soap - True Expression Chakra - Flow

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”I Speak Only the Truth.”

The freshness of energizing “master herbs”!

Aromatherapeutic, gentle soap for the whole body, hands and hair.
Suitable for all skin types. 

Cooling essential oils calm down sunburns and solar dermatitis, skin heat and irritation. Excellent for feet hygiene for its antiseptic and fungus killing properties.

The scent refreshes and clears thoughts. Lovely for morning cleansing to elevate body and mind.

TRUE EXPRESSION salt soap made from top quality organic ingredients is suitable for all skin types, especially for itching and flaky skin. In addition to skin moisturising organic plant oils, the mineral-rich Himalayan rock salt and arctic wild blueberry seed oil nurture the skin. Himalayan salt has skin cleansing, detoxing and moisturising properties. Blueberry seed oil offers antioxidant protection.

The gentle soap is suitable for daily use and for hair washing. Rub the bar directly onto wet hair to build up a good lather before rinsing with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with eyes. After the wash, we recommend Juniper or Heather herbal hair rinse.

The fresh scent is a combination of authentic aromatherapy grade essential oils. For TRUE EXPRESSION, we selected essential oils that cleanse the throat chakra; peppermint, sage, roman chamomile, frankincense and hybrid lavender. The clear, crisp scent helps to stay honest and true to yourself and to others.

Tip! It’s best to use a draining soap dish. If you leave the soap sitting in water, it will get soft and melt.

DID YOU KNOW? Throat chakra is the fifth energy center of the body, located in the throat region. Throat chakra is a center of self-expression, communication and listening. When the throat chakra is in balance, it is easy to speak true and express your feelings clearly. Chakra’s colour is azure blue.

Throat chakra blockage makes expressing feelings and opinions difficult. One’s voice may become lifeless. An overactive throat chakra manifests eg. by loudness, excessive talk or gossiping. Use TRUE EXPRESSION products to open, strengthen and balance the throat chakra.

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