Soap - Touch Of Love Chakra

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”I Am Open to Love.”

Feminine empowering energy!

Aromatherapeutic, gentle soap for the whole body, hands and hair.
Suitable for all skin types. Flowery essential oils help treat rashes, redness, sensitivity, dry and cracking skin, not to mention aging skin as well. 

The scent balances emotions and pampers body and mind.

TOUCH OF LOVE salt soap made from top quality organic ingredients is suitable for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin. In addition to skin moisturising organic plant oils, the mineral-rich Himalayan rock salt and arctic strawberry seed oil nurture the skin. Himalayan salt has skin cleansing, detoxing and moisturising properties. Strawberry seed oil offers antioxidant protection.

The gentle soap is suitable for daily use and for hair washing. Rub the bar directly onto wet hair to build up a good lather before rinsing with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with eyes. After the wash, we recommend Juniper or Heather herbal hair rinse.

The fresh scent is a combination of authentic aromatherapy grade essential oils. For TOUCH OF LOVE, we selected floral essential oils that fortify the heart chakra; rose, jasmin, rose geranium, lemon, bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood and lemongrass. This soft combination of essential oils encourages feelings of love, empathy, trust and connection.

Tip! It’s best to use a draining soap dish. If you leave the soap sitting in water, it will get soft and melt.

DID YOU KNOW? Heart chakra is the fourth energy centre of the body, located in the middle of the chest. Heart chakra is a centre of love, compassion, acceptance and trust. Chakra’s colours are green and pink, and it is known as the gate to the soul.

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