Soap - Coconut Milk Shampoo - Flow


For dry, brittle and treated hair.

Contains hair softening and moisturising coconut milk and jojoba oil.

Sulphate-free, biogenerable and completely natural organic shampoo soap bar.

100 % Organic shampoo soap bar with coconut milk for dry, brittle and treated hair

Coconut Milk shampoo soap bar is especially suitable for dry and brittle hair type. Organic coconut milk softens dry and coarse hair and helps the hair retain its moisture. This lovely bar produces rich, creamy and soft lather and is suitable for daily use. Gentle on scalp.

The shampoo bar is made from high-quality organic plant oils and fats. We’ve also added aromatherapeutic essential oils to provide more care.

Tip! It’s best to use a draining soap dish. If you leave the soap sitting in water, it will get soft and melt.

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