Facial Cleanser - Balm to Milk

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A rich oil-based cleansing cream for all skin types. The gentle composition is also excellent for dry, sensitive and surface dry skin.

Moisturising, brightening and deep cleansing cream removes impurities and makeup from the face. The result is clean, fresh and soft skin.

A gentle oil cleanser with arctic bilberry turns light & milky when combined with water. Ideal for daily facial cleansing! No foam!

Contains organic jojoba, castor and coconut oil as well as antioxidant blueberry and blackcurrant seed oil.

A great balm for all skin types, this gentle formula will deep clean, brighten, and moisturize. Its gel-like consistency is created with nutritious organic oils – like jojoba, coconut and castor – and will penetrate your pores deeply. A great way to remove impurities, makeup and dirt, just add water to great an easy-to-wash-away milk. Bilberry and blackcurrant seed oils are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, while the lemon will brighten and refresh. 100% vegan, this balm will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and smooth.

For best results, apply daily in a circular motion to either dry or damp skin. Rinse with water and spritz with our organic rose water. It is safe to use this balm to remove eye makeup.

It’s best to use spoon or spatula to dose this product. A wooden spoon is included in the package.

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