Fat-Burning Program - D-LAB


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Fat-Burning Program - D-LAB

Overall weight loss

Captures & burns fat

Boosts elimination

Releases energy & heat

Accelerates weight loss

A very powerful slimming program that triggers a durable weight loss. It burns fat even at rest, increases caloric expenditure, stimulates elimination systems and cleans filter organs to improve their detoxifying power.


Fat-Burning program is a signature programstarts durable weight loss by activating four interdependent levers.
Metabolism is boosted to burn more fat at rest, thermogenesis is deployed to increase caloric expenditure, elimination systems are stimulated to avoid fat storage and filter organs are cleaned to improve their detoxifying power and restart the cycle.

Among the 32 active ingredients, mate stimulates metabolism to break down lipids and carbohydrates, green tea extract maximizes thermogenesis to transform fat into heat, chicory and rockweed stimulate elimination functions while purifying the liver and digestive system.

This program has no side effects. Due to the presence of green tea, caffeine (50.8 mg), raspberry, ginseng, rockweed, pineapple and algae, this program is not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people under anti-diabetic or anticoagulant treatment and people allergic to crustaceans and molluscs. In addition, its intake is not recommended outside meals.
Yes. The 3 formulas of this program act together on different levers of the body. However, you can split the intake of your capsules between breakfast and lunch. Also remember to hydrate throughout the day to facilitate the elimination work.
As with all of our formulas containing depurative plants, we recommend that you take a morning intake during breakfast, when the elimination organs, which are heavily solicited by phytotherapy, are active. For best results, be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to facilitate the elimination work.
The n°1 of this program, Metabolism Activator, makes your body work faster because it contains energizing ingredients that can cause sweating during the day. If this is unpleasant for you, we advise you to take a single capsule.
We recommend to follow programs containing Detox at least 2 months in a row to create cellular memory and thus ensure results that persist at the end of the cure. And we advise not to prolong the cure more than 3 months but to alternate with other programs.

For what and for whom?

- Activates metabolism, creates more energy to burn more calories. Cure of at least 2 months

Its actions:
-Stimulation of metabolism
- Collection and Elimination of sugars and fats
-Detoxification organ & Stimulation of the filters

Major Ingredients

- Caffeine-rich plants

- Chrome
- Detox Herbal Medicine

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