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Limited edition bento Lunch box Take a Break midi - Strawberry vibe


Go out(doors) and enjoy life! Enjoy every moment of every single day. Go for a bold splash of colour that packs a punch: Mepal Vibe. Limited edition, so only available for a limited time. But with the same unlimited enjoyment that you expect from Mepal. Stand out and shine with your Mepal Vibe lunchbox in Strawberry vibe, wherever life takes you, whatever you choose. What’s your vibe? Dance your way through the day.
Leftovers from yesterday? Take them with you, no problem. The two separate sections, plus an extra box with a little fork, allows the Bento in your lunchbox to always keep your lunch nice and fresh! Combine away and you decide what to eat and when. The lunchbox Bento is robust and stands out due to its fun shape and may even go in the microwave. Perfect for combining different small meals. So enjoy to the fullest!

  • Lunch box for 4 sandwiches
  • Includes removable bento tray
  • Bento trays are allowed in the microwave
  • 100% BPA-free