Gift pack - Rum & Coke


Gift pack - Rum & Coke,  by Coach & I

Rum Muscovado

Muscovado sugar is a whole, unrefined cane sugar produced on Mauritius through a complex, artisanal production process. It has a strong taste due to its high molasses content.The sugar is distilled by a micro-distiller in Charente to create a surprising spirit with an original flavour that provides an intriguing departure from traditional rum.

Zotter – Mousse with Rum Chocolate

A stroke of vegan genius: a dark chocolate mousse, wonderfully airy and chocolate-y, with an elegant note of rum, covered in a dark, fine flavour chocolate with 70% cocoa power. The homemade mousse base consists of cashews, which stay politely in the background, however: chocolate and rum have the main spotlight.

Hand-scooped Chocolates
70 g bar 

Organic Cola x2

A lot of fruity, Mediterranean lime paired with aromatic galangal, cinnamon and cloves give this organic cola its unique structure. This mixture of exceptionally good, hand macerated and finely balanced ingredients creates an intense taste experience: uniquely earthy and at the same time freshly elegant. With a fine chocolate and light nutmeg note. 

A cola unlike any other. 100 % organic! No artificial flavours, only natural caffeine obtained from cocoa beans. No artificial acids and easy on the sweetness, but more intense in taste. Vegan and climate-neutral. 

Paddywax 3.5oz candle – Bergamot + Mahoganny

This collection of on-trend concrete candles with geometric accents are filled with our best selling fragrances and topped off with gold foil stamped dust covers.


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