Gift pack - Vodka Tonic


Gift pack - Vodka Tonic, by Coach & I

Vodka -Fair

“Our great taste comes from specially selected quinoa and a proprietary production process that is the result of a two-year joint research project between French distillers and Andean farmers.

We source our quinoa from the Andean mountains. The Altiplano plateau is over 3000m above sea level where the quinoa grows in fertile volcanic soil.

Quinoa has long been considered a super food because of its nutritional content …first by the Incas over 5000 years ago and now by consumers all over the world. As an added benefit, quinoa is gluten free”. (Fair)

Paddywax - 3.5oz candle

This collection of on-trend concrete candles with geometric accents are filled with our best selling fragrances and topped off with gold foil stamped dust covers.

Organic Herbal Tonic - Aqua Monaco

We have thought further than Organic Tonic Water and came up with an Alpine-Mediterranean version: our Organic Herbal Tonic. No fancy tropical ingredients such as cinchona bark but overflowing with the deliciously fragrant herbal notes of rosemary, lavender blossom, and lemon balm. And the naturally tart bitterness of bogbean and gentian only brings them out even more. An exclusive Swiss juniper berry distillate, courtesy of the Humbel distillery, adds a finishing flourish to the formula. Enjoy this tonic on its own at least once! It is the perfect alternative for anyone who feels classic tonic water is too strong, or who does not want to/should not ingest quinine for any other reason

Organic Lemon Tonic - Aqua Monaco

Less is still more. In fact, there is no better way to describe the new recipe for our organic lemon tonic water. This is because only two basic natural organic ingredients that are Mediterranean citrus fruit rounded off with Bolivian cinchona bark collected in the wild and their clear aromatic notes shape the flavour of this vivid and organic lemon tonic water. The mildly acidic tang of lemons and limes are carefully underlaid with the charac- teristic and natural bitterness of cinchona bark. Combined with its spar- kling effervescence, this lemon tonic water makes the perfect companion for any party.

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