Gift pack - Detox


Gift pack - Detox,  by Coach & I Lifestyle  

 Urban Concrete 3.5oz Candle - Tobacco & Pachouli - Paddywax

This collection of on-trend concrete candles with geometric accents are filled with our best selling fragrances and topped off with gold foil stamped dust covers.


Footpads - Stay Strong & Detox - Stellame

Stay Strong & Detox pads are the energizers of the Stellame foot pad line. This variety contains 70% Tourmaline concentration. Tourmaline has a strong stimulating effect on the body’s energy flow and can neutralize toxins. It stimulates the body’s endogenic detox mechanism. With TCM, Tourmaline has been shown to have a restorative, invigorating effect. Additional ingredients such as Bamboo Vinegar and Agaricus Mushrooms have a cleansing effect and are believed to strengthen the immune system. Chitosan can absorb toxins and forms a membrane to protect the skin. Stay Strong and Detox pads help the body regenerate quickly.

 Less Carb Protein Cracker - Smaakt

Smaakt Proteine Cracker organic protein crisp bread

Organic protein crisp bread with seeds, contains 66% less carbohydrates than traditional crispy bread.

Smaakt Protein Cracker high-protein crackers - the most important information:

66% less carbohydrates than traditional crispbread

  • organic
  • vegan
  • without milk, eggs, lactose in the composition
  • very low sugar and carbohydrate content
  • source of protein and fiber
  • filling
  • very crispy 

Biology product, 200 g


Flow - Detox Soap - Tea Tree & Charcoal 

Designed specially to decrease greasiness, pimples, hormonal acne and red sore spots on the skin and scalp. 

Organic soap contains deep cleansing charcoal, soothing Finnish meadowsweet and antiseptic tea tree oil that is known for its inflammation reducing properties. 

Use daily for face, body and scalp. Suitable for men, women and teenagers.

Effective but gentle. 100% natural consistency contains shea butter and jojoba oil

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