Gift pack - Gin & Tonic


Gift pack - Gin & Tonic , by Coach & I

Gin Juniper

“Our exceptional taste comes from different factors. First, we macerate high quality juniper berries and spices for a week. Second, we distill everything once in a small-batch alembic”. (Fair)

The juniper berries are sourced from a nature reserve in Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Agriculture is the chief source of income for the mainly rural population, but many farmers live below the poverty line.

Fairtrade spices, as the juniper berries, cardamom and coriander, are sourced in the Varganza village, in the region of Samarkand. The Dustkul Bogi cooperative has three main objectives: to increase production, develop the social environment and develop organic production.


Organic Lemon Tonic

Less is still more. In fact, there is no better way to describe the new recipe for our organic lemon tonic water. This is because only two basic natural organic ingredients that are Mediterranean citrus fruit rounded off with Bolivian cinchona bark collected in the wild and their clear aromatic notes shape the flavour of this vivid and organic lemon tonic water. The mildly acidic tang of lemons and limes are carefully underlaid with the charac- teristic and natural bitterness of cinchona bark. Combined with its spar- kling effervescence, this lemon tonic water makes the perfect companion for any party.

Organic Tonic Water

This finely balanced Organic Tonic Water is the most puristic among tonics. With only two selected ingredients (apart from water, sugar, and carbon dioxide), it opens up a whole new world: 100 % organically farmed, aromatic Mediterranean lemon in perfect harmony with Bolivian cinchona bark hand-picked carefully in the wild. Because all of the bark is processed, our Organic Tonic Water acquires a naturally bitter taste with surprisingly complex notes of wood. The fine, champagne-like effervescence lends this tonic an extraordinary, slightly exotic jungle air. Our Organic Tonic Water contains no citric acid, and the production and bottling processes are climate-neutral.

Paddywax 3.5oz candle

This collection of on-trend concrete candles with geometric accents are filled with our best selling fragrances and topped off with gold foil stamped dust covers.

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