Gift pack - The clean shave


Gift pack - The clean shave, by Coach & I Lifestyle

Arctic Heather Shave Bar by Flow

Moisturizing organic bar soap with velvety soft foam for shaving

Skin and body hair softening formula

Also suitable for the whole body, hands, face and hair

Suitable for sensitive skin

Unisex shaving product with a fresh and clean scent

This shaving soap contains natural bentonite clay which makes the skin and body hair softer and helps the blade glide effortlessly on the skin as well as protects the skin during shaving. The soap’s rich creamy foam, skin-soothing arctic heather and antiseptic essential oils make shaving an enjoyable aromatic moment



Cleaner, better and fairer fragrance for your home. 100% plant-based wax candles, paraben free fragrance oils. High quality scents, realistically priced and made in the UK. Must be WXY.

WXY. was born with the intention to make a realistically priced candle / diffuser that is cleaner, better and fairer. We have engineered every detail of our products to give the best possible quality at a fair price.


Mens Security Razor in metal  by Rebels (Gold or Silver)

Made of High-Grade Metal, your shaver will last generations without ever harming the environment.

Rebels with a Cause Eco-Friendly Metal Razor offers;

-A unique vintage design with an excellent heavy weighted long handle which can be controlled very easily, ideal for hard to reach areas

-A safety upgrade with its revolutionary enclosed razor head which offers full protection from unexpected cuts

-Fantastic shaving experience thanks to the all new close comb design which reduces skin irritation and provides a smooth and fantastic shaving experience 

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