Body-Firming Program - D-LAB

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Body-Firming Program - D-LAB

Drain & Firm

Drains excess water

Tightens buttocks & thighs

Stimulates blood circulation

Burns fat

This program includes 33 active ingredients that work together to fight cellulite and its causes. It removes excess water, stimulates blood circulation and activates fat burning. For a firmer body and smoother skin.

A signature program with 33 ingredients that jointly fight against cellulite and its causes: poor blood circulation is responsible for water retention that traps fat and gives the skin a dimpled appearance.

Thus, fennel helps to eliminate excess water to access deep fat, Horse chestnut stimulates blood circulation to release lipids into the blood and kola nut activates released fat combustion to accelerate weight loss.

This program has no side effects. Due to the presence of green tea, caffeine (40.4 mg), raspberry, mellow, ginseng, turmeric and horse chestnut, this program is not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people under anti-diabetic treatment and anticoagulant treatment and the intake is not recommended outside meals.

Yes. The 3 formulas of this program act together on different levers of the body. However, you can split the intake of your capsules between breakfast and lunch. Also remember to hydrate throughout the day to facilitate the elimination work.

As with all of our formulas containing depurative plants, we recommend that you take a morning intake during breakfast, when the elimination organs, which are heavily solicited by phytotherapy, are active. For best results, be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to facilitate the elimination work.

We recommend to follow programs containing Detox at least 2 months in a row to create cellular memory and thus ensure results that persist at the end of the cure. And we advise not to prolong the cure more than 3 months but to alternate with other programs.

For what and for whom?

- Against the three types of cellulite. Allows for the long-term elimination of excess water by restoring blood circulation and burning fat released.
- Cure of at least 2 months

Its actions:
- Drainage
-Boosts blood circulation
-Strengthens and rpotègees the venous walls
-Raffermissemnt of thighs and buttocks

 - Fat burning

Major Ingredients

- Guarana
- Dandelion
- Red Grape Plant

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