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Active Sun Complex - D-LAB

Perfect tan

Accelerates and intensifies the tan

Stimulates the production of melanin

Naturally pigmented skin

Strengthens the natural defenses

For a sun-kissed complexion by avoiding overexposure, the Active Sun Complex naturally colours the skin, intensifies the tan and protects it from the sun's harmful effects. The skin is supple, soft, glowy.

For a golden complexion avoiding overexposure, the Active Sun complex acts in three times: it naturally colours the skin thanks to carotenoids, activates and prolongs the tanning and protects the skin from the harms of the Sun.

This formula is without side effects and is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Due to the presence of beta carotene, it is not recommended to smokers. This formula contains turmeric: consult your doctor in case of simultaneous taking of anticoagulants.
Although this formula incorporates ultra-protective UV-based ingredients such as asthaxantine, we recommend that you use sunscreen during sun exposure to avoid sunburn and pigment stains. Your skin will be protected and your tan enhanced by the active ingredients that stimulate the internal production of melanin.
The active Sun complex boosts tanning in a natural way by stimulating the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin staining. Thus, unlike some self-tanners, the skin naturally colors itself respecting its Carnation, without orange effect.
It is possible to consume this formula continuously for a glow without makeup, even in winter. For a one-time take, we recommend that you start this treatment at least 10 days before the first exposure, continue during the exposure period and extend the treatment at least 10-15 days on return to maintain the tan.

For what and for whom?

- Activates the tanning while protecting the skin. Good looking effect even without sun exposure!

Its actions:
-Activation & extension of Tanning
-Golden complexion without exposure
-Antioxidant protection

Major Ingredients

- Copper
- Carotenoid
- Vitamin B

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