Stellame is a wellness brand that manufactures and sells products from the Detox segment. These are neither medicines nor medical devices and we make no promise of healing. 
They contain 100% only natural ingredients.

The idea goes back to an over millennia-old Asian tradition in which plants and minerals were successfully applied and have therefore proven themselves to this day.

The Stellame Detox Pads are the brand's core product. They are all based on a high tourmaline content of selected quality. Stellame 
has adapted the formula of the pads to the needs of today with our Asian experts and offers a selection of different pads.


Here is an overview of the partners and friends from the Detox world:

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Footpads - Feel Healthy & Detox -Stellame
Footpads - Stay Strong & Detox - Stellame
Footpads - Dream & Detox Lavender - Stellame
Footpads - Love is in the air & Detox Rose - Stellame
Footpads - Stay sexy & Detox Grapefruit - Stellame
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