Rebels with a Cause

Rebels With a Cause is a company founded in Malta, budding from a realisation which took place in a room where all great ideas usually come from, the bathroom.

A mere glance at the bin made us realise how much plastic we use on a daily basis without giving it a second thought. From then on we started noticing how plastic, this phenomenon of epidemic proportions, is taking over practically everything we use, its worst form being one-time use plastic such as disposables.

It was at this moment that we made it a point to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible, starting from our toiletries. However, when we tried to shop around we noticed that the choice is very limited or non – existent, and made us think that paradoxically/ironically nowadays one really has to be a rebel and go against the norm in order to take care of this beautiful planet we live in.

We started off by changing the very same room from which the idea took off, by offering an alternative to plastic for toiletries which we use on a daily bases, most of which have a life span of only a couple of seconds. Such is the case of cotton buds; a couple of hours as in the case of toothbrushes, after which they are thrown away and left to wander around on land or in the seas for at least 400-1000 years before they partially perish.

Statistics and observations of the environment around us, especially our seas, are giving us a very clear and strong message that many things need to change and that this change has to happen now.

Take part in the Rebellion;

1. Refuse single-use plastics

2. Reduce plastic consumption

3. Reuse existing plastic items

4. Recycle all plastic at the end of its useful life

Rebels with a Cause
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