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Henné Organics

Founded in 2015, Henné's vision was to introduce a splash of ecoluxury into the everyday.

We've taken a modern and minimalistic approach that replaces standard lip care products with something extraordinary.

“Henne”, which means “her” in swedish, is a dedication to the modern woman while also paying homage to the brand’s swedish roots.

Exquisite. Organic. Made in USA.
A new era of luxury beauty has arrived.


"The journey toward Henné started far before 2015. Curiosity and wanderlust took me around the globe to countries like Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and back again.

Living abroad and moving frequently forced me to declutter and truly focus on the essentials. This habit quickly developed into a fundamental part of my being and has led to a strong appreciation for beauty in simplicity and luxury in the basics.

Henné Organics is my first step into the world of indie beauty and in a remarkable way, I believe that all the past experiences have led me to this point.

Thank you for taking the time to discover the world of Henné, and I hope that my luxury lip gems bring you moments of bliss every day.

With love,

Laura Xiao
Founder of Henné Organics"