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All our products are activated with positive energy because we want them to help you empower and strengthen your own energy. Flow products contain therapeutic quality essential oils and the healing energy from crystals, because we want our products to be even more than just high-quality skin care. You can feel and sense the therapeutic effect throughout your body and being.

With these values treasured, we make cosmetics that are always natural, always effective, always honest.

The most important active ingredients in our products are native Finnish wild berries and herbs, which are full of vitamins, antioxidants and northern robust energy.

Our plants have an incredible amount of protective nutrients which the plants store during the short but bright northern summer. The sun shines through the night and the plants collect energy to survive the long, harsh winter. This abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and nature’s own preservatives will be needed as the plants persist under snow and ice for many months before the sun reappears as spring comes.

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